About my work

I work a wide variety of media including installations, film, photography and painting. The last three are closely linked, perceiving photography generally as the basis for my paintings, and the films tends to complement them. You could say that my work is a freeform game that blends a variety of techniques and representational methods, while remaining faithful to classical media: oil on canvas for my paintings…

I am a realist painter, because the images I paint are taken from particular environments or from existing elements but beneath the surface the concept is equally or even more important.

Work in private collections in Holland and abroad,  in diverse company’s, institutions and dutch government a.o. Senate and House of Representatives (States General)

Where my studio is

After a period of traveling back and forth,  first from Amsterdam to Bad Nieuweschans (GR) en later  from Bad Nieuweschans to Vlissingen (ZL), in June 2022 I’ve moved my studio, definitely, to Vlissingen.

Words from Far, Texts as Modern Images

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Horizon – photo’s series

About Art & the Theory II

The Shadow without the rabbit

If a shadow is a two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional world, then the three-dimensional world as we know it is the projection of the four-dimensional UniverseMarcel Duchamp

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